IP2I’s administrative and financial department is dedicated to supporting staff in their scientific and technical activities on a daily basis.
It acts as an interface and works closely with the administrative services of IN2P3, the RhĂ´ne Auvergne Regional Delegation of the CNRS and the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
The administrative and financial service of the IP2I is organised into four poles:

  • The Human Resources Department
  • The Finance Division
  • The Partnership Resources Division
  • The Documentation Centre

IP2I’s administrative and financial department is organized around the Human Resources, Finance, Partnership Resources and Documentation divisions.

Human Resources

The main mission of the Human Resources Department is to pilot, assist and follow up on files relating to the management of permanent and non-permanent staff in the supervisory authorities of the laboratory.
The unit’s activities include the reception of new employees, administrative management and support for agents, implementing recruitment, monitoring human resources campaigns and ongoing training.


The Finance Department is in charge of the preparation, implementation and control of the budget, under the different supervisory authorities of the laboratory.

The staff of the pole ensure the financial acts of a portfolio of research groups and services. They also draw up mission orders and settle expense statements for agents who have to travel as part of their activities at IP2I.

The staff prepare the justifications for the various research contracts, in liaison with the Partnership Resources division.

The Finance Department also prepares and implements public procurement procedures, in conjunction with the dedicated departments of the supervisory authorities.

In their field of activity, the managers support all staff in their scientific, technical or support activities, and they are the interface with the financial services of the supervising authorities.

Partnership resources

The Partnership Resources Unit is responsible for advising and assisting with the administrative set-up of research projects submitted to the various calls for tenders, in conjunction with the partnership and supervision development departments.


The mission of the Documentation Unit is to collect, process and disseminate scientific and technical information to IP2I members: management of documentary resources (new acquisitions and management of the collection, management of subscriptions and access to journals), supply of documents not available in the library, inventory of publications and communications from laboratory staff, preparation of periodical bibliographic reviews. The librarians work within the national network of IN2P3 documentalists Democrite.