LABRADOR is the IP2I technical Platform dedicated to radioactivity metrology since 2003. It is made up of 3 people.

It carries out service provisions in the context of environmental measures on liquid, solid and smear matrices. Analyses can be carried out as part of environmental monitoring, health checks on different matrices (water, soil, biological, smears, aerosols on filters, etc.) but they can also be linked to the dismantling or quantification of radioactive waste before it is sent to Andra (National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management).

LABRADOR guarantees its clients its independence, impartiality and the confidentiality of its data. It has external recognition for its technical skills through its COFRAC accreditations COFRAC (n°1-1577, scope available on and its 21 environmental approvals issued by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). In order to maintain this level of requirement, the platform regularly participates in inter-laboratory tests organised by the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).

The LABRADOR platform benefits from the experience of the IP2I and is one of the 8 laboratories making up the Becquerel national network, an independent radioactivity metrology network of the CNRS/IN2P3.

The LABRADOR Technical Platform has at its disposal several high-performance analysis equipment in order to cover a wide range of environmental and health measures, as well as measures related to the dismantling of nuclear facilities or the management of radioactive waste.

Photo - Banc de mesure de Carbone 14 par synthèse de benzène

Banc de mesure de Carbone 14 par synthèse de benzène

The LABRADOR has developed the measurement of carbon 14 by benzene synthesis which is performed on a carbon 14 bench using bio-indicators. It is carried out within the framework of radio-ecological monitoring around nuclear installations or waste storage centres. This technique, mastered by a limited number of laboratories in France, makes it possible to obtain an uncertainty of less than 4% on the final result and to rule on pollution of anthropic origin or not. The benzene obtained, from the initial sample, is measured by liquid scintillation.

For the other techniques, the sample can be received as a liquid, solid, smear or filter matrix and is then pre-treated according to the measurement goal. The sample is conditioned in its measuring geometry and is then analysed with the appropriate analytical equipment according to the type of radioactivity sought.
All results are evaluated by a competent person and each result is verified by a competent person.
Each provision is specific and follows a precise problematic, it is advisable to contact the person in charge of the Platform for any request for analysis: Frédéric Larger.

The IP2I LABRADOR Platform is approved by the Ministry of the Environment for environmental measures. The approvals can be retrieved on the Nuclear Safety Authority website via the “List of organizations approvals” section (scroll down). All our ASN approvals are listed here:

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In order to carry out its provisions, the LABRADOR has several high-performance analysis equipments. This range of instruments is included in the quality assurance following a calibration and calibration verification program followed by control cards.

2 liquid scintillation counters

Photo - Compteurs Ă  scintillation liquide

Compteurs Ă  scintillation liquide

This equipment allows the measurement of all pure beta emitters. After sample preparation, a liquid fraction/smear is combined with a scintillating liquid in order to be measured. Energy ranges are defined according to the radionuclides to be measured. This analytical technique is mainly used for the measurement of low energy pure beta emitters such as tritium and carbon-14, on liquid matrices or smears before measurement.





2 gamma spectrometry chains, HPGe type N

Photo - DĂ©tecteur Germanium Hyper Pur Ă  bas bruit de fond

DĂ©tecteur Germanium Hyper Pur Ă  bas bruit de fond

This equipment is a Hyper-Pure Low Background Germanium detector which offers the possibility to determine gamma emitters in the energy range 35 – 2000 keV. They are equipped with lead casings and allow the detection of gamma emitters of the natural chains of Uranium 238, Uranium 235 and Thorium 232 as well as the detection of artificial radioactivity. This analysis is non-destructive and the liquid, solid and smear matrices can be analysed.



2 proportional counters

Photo - Compteur proportionnel

Compteur proportionnel

This equipment allows to determine the alpha global and beta global radioactivity indices. After sample preparation, a liquid fraction is evaporated in a cup in order to obtain a thin layer of deposit from the initial sample. The prepared cup is analysed and the results are given in Pu-239 equivalent for the alpha index and in Sr-90 equivalent for the beta index. The analysis can also be carried out on a solid matrix and smear. This is only a quantitative measure.