Frédéric Fleury et Gilles Guillon

Credit: Eric Le Roux – Direction de la communication Lyon 1

On Thursday, May 27, the IP2I hosted the signing of a partnership agreement between the Faculty of Sciences at Claude Bernard University, Lyon 1, and EDF’s Decommissioning and Waste Projects Division (DP2D). This agreement is part of two training programs: the Radioprotection, Dismantling and Nuclear Waste Professional Degree (RD2) and the Master’s degree in SYnthesis, Aging and Characterization of Materials for Nuclear and New Energies (SYVIC).

This agreement is the extension of more than ten years of partnership between EDF and training courses mainly conducted by members of the laboratory. It will facilitate the provision of EDF experts to participate in the training and development of students’ knowledge.

The agreement was signed in the Dirac amphitheater by Gilles Guillon, Deputy Director of EDF’s Dismantling and Waste Management Division (on the left in the photo) and Fréderic Fleury (on the right), President of the university. They were welcomed by Anne Ealet, Director of the IP2I and Nathalie Millard-Pinard, head of the two courses concerned.


photo de groupe

Credit : Eric Le Roux – Direction de la communication Lyon 1