Friday June 19, 2020, the CMS experiment scientists have submitted their thousandth paper. This feat is a extraordinary contribution to the understanding that humanity has of the universe – and this is just the beginning.

“A thousand of very high-quality scientific papers in a decade is an amazing result, a testimony of the rich physics spectrum provided by the LHC data, the versatility of our experiment and the ingenuity and dedication of our collaborators “commented Roberto Carlin, spokesperson of the experiment. “We are very proud of our papers, and we look forward to the results we will produce in the coming decades. These will allow us to make further significant progress in the understanding of the universe. “

  • Why is there more matter than anti-matter in the universe?
  • What is dark matter made of?
  • Why do particles have different masses and are they really grouped into three families?
  • Are there other Higgs bosons?
  • Are there any new particles to be found? Do all particles come with a supersymmetric partner particle?

These are the questions that remain open and to which the CMS researchers will try to answer with data that the LHC plans to provide during the additional twenty years of operation.