Today, the Euclid Consortium releases early scientific papers based on observations made by the Euclid telescope. A number of scientifically exciting targets have been observed and analyzed by scientists of the Euclid Collaboration during an Early Release Observations phase, giving a glimpse of the unprecedented power of this telescope meant to provide the most precise map of our Universe over time. Exciting scientific results about the discovery of free-floating new-born planets, the population of globular clusters around nearby galaxies, the discovery of new dwarf and low-surface brightness galaxies, the distribution of dark matter and intracluster light in clusters of galaxies, or high-redshift magnified lensed galaxies are described in a series of 10 scientific publications. In addition to these first and promising scientific results, the Consortium also publishes on this day the mission’s reference papers that confirm the outstanding performance of Euclid.

More details in this document: EC Press Release – 23rd of May