On Friday, May 21, Antoine Petit, President and CEO of the CNRS, came to visit the Institut de Physique des 2 infinis in Lyon, and in particular the facilities of its national platform, the Advanced Materials Laboratory.

Mr. Petit was welcomed by Anne Ealet, Director of IP2I, Jacques Marteau, Deputy Director of IP2I and Laurent Pinard, Director of LMA. He was accompanied by Laurent Barbieri, the regional delegate of CNRS. The visit highlighted the exceptional equipment of the platform, namely the ISO3 clean room, and its exceptionally large deposit frames.

The LMA is a laboratory specialized in the deposition of thin films, which allows it to produce mirrors of exceptional optical quality. In particular, it produced all the mirrors for the VIRGO/LIGO experiments, which enabled the detection of the first gravitational waves (Nobel Prize 2017).