The team is made up of :
Julien Billard
Nicolas Chanon
Stefan Hohenegger
Antonio Uras

The institute’s seminars usually take place on wednesday afternoon at 2 pm in the amphitheatre Paul Dirac. They last around 45 minutes and are followed by questions. They usually target as audience all physicist and workers from the laboratory. They are thus targetting a wide audience organised around the reserch themes of the laboratory.

Candidates for the CNRS 2021 competition who would like to give a seminar at the IP2I are kindly invited to contact in a first step the IP2I team that might have the most interest in their work. After that only, they can contact the seminar team, before January, 10th, 2021.

Paperwork for the visitors

When you come to give a seminar at IPNL, the institute may propose a participation to your expenses which will be discussed individually.

Please determine which train/plane you wish to travel on, and send us this information (date, time, departure station…) suitably in advance. The tickets will be available at the station for you to pick up, and should be mailed to us after use for reimbursement.

So that we can order your tickets and/or book your room, you need to provide us with information by mail filling the following form.

If you come with your personal car, you should bring your vehicle registration (carte grise = grey card under your name) and proof of insurance (carte verte = green card).